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Taking Care of Your Pelvic Floor

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

So this may be an area that you are not comfortable talking about, but is an important subject to discuss as many women and men have issues with their pelvic floor muscles that can greatly affect your happiness, overall wellbeing and comfort in life. I am happy to share this video (link below) as studies show that Yoga can really help bring attention to and increase the strength of your Pelvic Floor. This practice is a gentle flow combining strength and stretch to improve circulation, blood flow, toning as well as promote overall relaxation.

Link to the video Yoga Flow : Gentle Pelvic Floor Practice

There are many factors that contribute to weakening of the pelvic floor muscles for both men and women. It is always best to speak with your health care practitioner or a pelvic floor physical therapist if you feel you have any signs or symptoms that may contribute to too tight (hypertonic) or too loose (hypotonic) pelvic floor muscles.

Some signs and symptoms to be aware of:

-pelvic pressure

-frequent urge or painful to pee

-urinary leak/incontinence

-low back pain


-difficulty emptying bladder

-pain in pelvic region

-pelvic muscle spasm

Pelvic floor muscles are located at the base of the pelvis between the tailbone/coccyx in the back and the pubic bone in the front. You can imagine the shape of a hammock, as they are designed to help support the bowel, bladder, intestines, rectum, vagina and the uterus. They help to stabilize the hips and core area especially when walking and standing. With exercise, over a period of time, you can help to strengthen this area. It is important to remember that everyone is unique but with awareness and regular practice after 4 - 6 weeks is a good amount of time to start to feel and notice a difference.

I always like to stress the importance of listening to your body. This is your practice so do what feels good for you. Decrease stress and feel more relaxed as you enjoy this time for some well deserved self-love and self-care.

Love & Light, Namaste

Jennifer Nocito

Clarity Wellness Coach, RHC HCA, Certified Qi Gong/Yoga/Pilates/Meditation Teacher

Yoga First and Wellness

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