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Online Coaching

The core of feminine lifecycle is renewal” Lal Ded, 14th century Hindu, Mystic, Yogi & Saint 

Does any of this sound familiar? Do you suffer from stress & bouts of anxiety & depression? Are you experiencing insomnia & fatigue, lack energy & motivation, cravings such as sugar, caffeine or fast foods, digestive issues, inflammation, joint & muscle pain, a foggy brain, memory & focus issues, headaches, mood swings, weight gain (especially around your belly), bloating, thyroid problems, possibly heart issues, breast tenderness, irregular periods, high blood pressure, maybe even high cholesterol? Maybe you are experiencing hot flashes & night sweats. You are noticing changes with your skin & hair.

These & possibly more symptoms are destructive causing negative issues affecting your daily life. Self & body confidence & possibly libido are low.  Maybe you are feeling that the relationships around you, your family, your partner, your work and or your friends, are not as healing, loving & as positive as you would like. All of this is making it really difficult to handle stress in a more productive healing manner.

Feel supported in a safe space as you reset & optimize your Hormonal Health. I want you to feel excited, empowered and wake up every morning with energy and vitality. Yes, you can take control back & have a vital impact making lasting transformative positive changes! It takes courage and inner strength to take action.


This is your time to feel your vibrant self, increase your energy and learn how to decrease & manage stress (as stress is such a huge factor in the disruption of our hormone health).

During these hormonal transitions, this is a crucial time in your life to make positive powerful shifts to keep your body (hormones, muscles, bones, heart, blood sugar, brain health, weight), emotions (clear headed, positive mindset, calm within, nurtured, patience) and your spirit (tuning in - relationship to self, connected, at peace, inspired, cared for, loved) healthy, strong, and vibrant.

My goal is to holistically help you feel your very best in your own skin as you get older and embrace these stages of your life.

Are you ready for this next exciting chapter in your life?

Your next step: Book a Free Discovery Call with me so we can connect and discuss your next steps.

Single sessions

Book your 1-on-1 video coaching session. Sessions are available EST:


Tuesdays        1pm - 5pm

Wednesdays  3pm - 7pm

Thursdays       9am -1pm 

Email coaching

Find guidance through 1-on-1 email correspondence.


I look forward to being a part of your healing journey.


Love, Light & Qi 

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