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What to Expect
Awaken your spirit, move your body and drop into a meditative flow. Learn to reduce stress and anxiety and ignite your inner energy to feel your very best.

Qigong and Yoga practice

Get ready for class

This is your journey of finding balance, healing and self-love. Classes bring something new to awaken the body and mind. Students are reminded that it’s very important to listen to one’s body and to push oneself to a healthy place. Proper technique is emphasized with several variations in order to prevent and heal injuries to enjoy a lifelong practice.

What you'll need for class:

  • Computer or smartphone with an internet connection

  • Comfy clothes

  • Mat (Yoga)

  • Water

  • Strap (belt or scarf) to help with stretches if needed (Yoga)

  • Cushion for knees, head, back or to sit on 

  • Block(s) to sit on and/or use for balance  (Yoga)

  • Blanket or sweater

What is Qigong & what to expect

The Ancient Art of Effortless Power.

Qi - life force energy that powers our body and spirit, Gong – develop a skill or to work with.


Qigong, is a practice of effortless flow that is over 4000 years old. It is the original self-care, mind-body healing fitness branch of Chinese Medicine. A form of preventative medicine helping you increase your energy and vitality while you learn how to clear away emotional, mental and physical stress. No matter where you are on your journey, Qigong is for everyone from beginners, those with health issues to elite athletes. You can practice anywhere in regular comfortable clothes, supportive shoes or bare feet, standing, sitting or even laying down with no equipment needed.


This gentle easy to follow low impact practise can be described as a form of cross training as there are movements for breathe, strength, stretch, flow and meditation all in one. Also known as a “Moving Meditation”, syncing breath with movement. Have you ever tried meditation while staying still? Do you find when you stop moving, your thoughts, your mind keep going? With Qigong, as you move, your mind, brain and ego has something to think about as you focus on your breath, your insides, your intention and your systems. This flowing yet powerful moving practice will help improve focus and mental function, keep joints supple, build resilience, improve range of motion, balance and coordination, improve mood and connection to self and those around you and strengthen your muscles, bones and systems. Learn to slow down moving from a place of stress and overwhelm to a space of inner peace and tranquility. Feel grounded and centered as your heart fills with joy and your mind opens with clarity. Movements are gentle, uplifting and easy to do. Expect to experience less pain, tension and tightness.


 I feel so blessed and grateful to be teaching Qigong, this ancient art, this medicine, this tool. Would you like to join me or do you know someone that can benefit from reducing stress and increasing energy levels? Please see my Qigong Zoom class schedule for details or feel free to reach out to me with any questions you have for private, group or business settings.

Ignite and nourish your Qi from within. Start to feel the power and potential of all that there is in the universe connecting mind, body and spirit as one.

What to expect

Yoga First and Wellness’ goal is to create an environment that allows students to focus on themselves, to feel stronger mentally and physically, and develop self-confidence. 

Women Stretching, Yoga and Pilates

The Hatha and Vinyasa mat yoga classes are open to everyone. In the 1 hour class, we will practice asanas (postures), pranayama (breathwork) and specific core exercises in a positive, energized environment free of schedules, demands, deadlines and stress. Spending some meditation time at the end in shavasana (corpse pose) is an essential aspect of class allowing the student to completely calm the mind in a peaceful environment, to help feel centered and focus on positivity and breath.


Hatha yoga was developed in India in the 15th century and is believed that one can purify the body and make it fit for meditation. Hatha comes from two words and two forces. Ha- is the active and masculine force of the sun. Tha- is the feminine and receptive energy of the moon. They join together to purify the body. Great for beginners since the pace is slow and gentle as you learn the asanas, breathing techniques and principles of yoga. Vinyasa yoga is derived from Hatha yoga and is also referred to as Ashtanga, which means dynamic concentrating postures. There is a flow between asanas linking the movement of postures to breath. This style has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system as the flowing movement heats up and stretches the muscles of the body.


It’s important that clients feel completely comfortable contacting me with any questions, comments or suggestions they may have.

Interested in private or group classes?

Book a class for your business, groups, parties, or family events via Zoom. Contact us for pricing and booking. In addition to Qigong and Yoga, below are examples of more classes to choose from. 

Gentle Chair Classes

This class is open to everyone and designed for those with physical limitations. You can stay seated in the chair the whole time or work with the chair using it for balance if you choose to stand. Gentle chair exercise classes help to strengthen arm, core, back and leg muscles and improve body flexibility so day to day movements are easier.


Strengthen your body with a deep focus on your core. As you develop a strong centre, practicing Pilates will also benefit by increasing your stamina, and your posture, improve your flexibility, increase brain function, improve coordination with control, reduce back pain, decrease illness, improve your concentration and build inner confidence.

Mindful Meditation

Pay attention to the present moment with curiosity and non-judgment. This gentle yet powerful practice can deeply affect our well-being and peace of mind. Become fully present with your experiences, manage stress, relax and create space within so you become aware, less reactive, learn to turn negative to positive, and improve your energy.

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Common misconceptions of meditation

I wanted to share some common misconceptions about meditation that might ease your mind. I hope this answers questions you may have that are holding you back creating resistance when it comes to trying meditation or continuing with this practice.

My mind should be empty

Mindfulness does not erase thoughts. The practice focuses on becoming more aware. This includes the thoughts we have.
There is no pressure to control or be without them. The idea is to be accepting of every part of your own unique experience.

I should feel ____

There are many ways you may feel. The power of this practice
is that you will learn how to cultivate that compassion for yourself no matter what may arise. A full range of thinking is welcome. This can be very healing and nourishing for your body and soul.

Is there more than just thinking?

Most people lead with thinking but mindfulness is transformative in helping people open up to other ways of perceiving and knowing. Through feeling, sensation and imagination this can be a very new liberating experience.

I can't do this I'm too distracted

 Distraction is 100% part of the practice. There is no reason for feelings of guilt or frustration. It is all about curiosity and building confidence. When the mind wanders, that is ok and just gently make your way back to instruction and begin again.

Meditation is very serious 

 Think of mindful meditation as opening up to what is naturally there. If we put too much pressure on ourselves, then tension and stress will be the outcome. Meditation is concentration with the mentality of lightness, curiosity and non-judgement.

Virtual Zoom classes with Blue Shores Development Ltd.

Tuesday - 9:30 am Gentle Chair Class (Yoga & Qigong)

"Jennifer has been providing yoga classes to Blue Shores for many years - before and during Covid. She is an excellent instructor and coach, always updating her practice and bringing in new ideas. Coming to class (or joining on Zoom) has also provided our community an opportunity to come together and make connections. Thanks for your skill and commitment, Jennifer!" 


⁃ Jocelyn LeBlanc, participant and Blue Shores board member

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