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My name is Jennifer Nocito. I am a teacher, mentor, motivator and guide that serves clients around the world virtually. My goal is to help clients improve their overall health using a positive, preventative and holistic approach. 

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My Story

Healthy living has always played a large role in my life. I traveled the world as an international competitive figure skater and quickly learned the value of taking care of my mind and body. I was fortunate to work with sport psychologists, physiotherapists and RMT’s who all helped by keeping me on track physically and mentally. Having these professionals made all the difference in my life. After retiring from skating, I decided I too wanted to help people feel good and achieve their goals so I became a national figure skating coach as well as a registered massage therapist.


I was blessed to have my daughter in 2003. She is my light and brought me so much happiness, though my life was not easy. When she was around 3, I was diagnosed with the autoimmune condition Ulcerative Colitis. Figuring out what was happening to my body was a scary time. I was a new mom, loving my beautiful daughter yet I felt completely depleted of energy and was given strong medicine to correct what was happening. The side effects of the medicine caused added stress on my body and my mind. I wanted to feel strong, healthy, and positive again. To make this shift, I really began to tune into quieting my mind and breathwork became my haven. This change did not happen overnight but I found that with gentle exercise, breathwork, and balanced meals, my body began to heal naturally. Decreasing stress was key for my healing. Unfortunately, my marriage ended a few years later so I then really began to focus on my physical, mental and spiritual self through the practice of yoga and meditation. This made a huge impact on my life. I also took the time to work with a therapist for support to help me heal, rebuild my confidence, and create clarity as I became a single mom taking care of my daughter, home, career, and finances. At times I felt extremely overwhelmed allowing for stress and anxiety to take over. Finding my purpose and passion helped to keep me moving forward so I could be the best mom for my daughter and feel happiness within. I took time daily for myself and what a difference this made helping my mentality. There was a sense of relief knowing that even though there are challenges that arise and changes in life, I was on a positive path for both my daughter and I.

In 2010, I dove deeper into yoga, pilates, and meditation and became a certified teacher so I could share and teach these powerful practices and help people heal and bring joy into their lives. I always felt that the addition of 1-on-1 coaching could really be transformative for people who felt stuck in their lives so when Covid hit, I took this as my sign to make the leap and move away from massage therapy and into wellness coaching. I began my studies in this new field with the International Association of Wellness Professionals and in August 2021 I graduated as a certified Holistic Wellness Coach as well as a Registered Health Coach with the Health Coach Alliance of Canada. During this time, I also dove into studies of the over 4000 year old ancient art, the first fitness branch of preventative Chinese Medicine designed to decrease stress and increase vitality and became a Certified Qigong teacher in July of 2022. I am so very passionate about this healing gentle yet powerful practice as it benefits everyone no matter where you are in life.

I am truly grateful that my online virtual business allows me to teach classes and have 1-on-1 sessions with clients all over the world. I feel blessed to be in a position to truly help others to learn how to heal themselves, feel empowered and live happier healthier lifestyles.This is a wonderful opportunity to guide my clients on their own path of enlightenment and wellbeing. Personally going through health issues, divorce, being a single working mom, experiencing grief after my father, who was my rock passed in 2020, my mom who has Parkinson's and career changes have all taught me a great deal about resilience. I feel blessed to be a support for women so they can find a way to help and heal themselves by making clearer healthier choices. Our mission at Yoga First and Wellness is to help bring love, balance, and positivity into your life. Taking time for yourself is key to health and happiness. Follow the path of finding balance within and your life will change.


Have a question about Yoga First and Wellness or my programs? Let me know!

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