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Immune Boosting Hormone Healthy Rosemary Chicken Veggie Soup

There is nothing more comforting than a bowl of yummy chicken vegetable soup on a cool day. I wanted to share this with you as this is a staple meal that I love to make especially during the autumn & winter seasons. Food can be considered powerful medicine for our body, mind and spirit. When we slow down we can really make eating an entire experience. This can be very personal and can also be very inclusive enjoying time with friends and family. This recipe is super easy, very healthy and yummy. Be creative and use this outline as a just that so you can add in your own touches mixing it up. Every time I make this soup there is a variation to it.

Packed with nutrients to boost your immune system and help balance your hormones. These ingredients help to normalize levels of hormones, boost mood, reduce inflammation, get rid of toxins, have more energy and lesson menopausal symptoms. Packed with antioxidants, fibre, protein and hydrates as well. Make this your own mixing up vegetables, seasonings and whole grains to your taste.

Included: - Baked rosemary chicken (seasoned with Italian seasoning, olive oil, rosemary and sea salt) - Vegetables- spinach, broccoli, chickpeas, peas, peppers, fresh tomatoes, sun-dried tomatoes - Organic Bone Broth - Garlic, Italian seasoning - Lactose free cheese added (optional) - Brown rice . Remember, add and mix up as many greens and vegetables as you like. Quinoa or Gluten Free pasta is a nice alternative.

You can use precooked shredded chicken or bake your own. All ovens vary in temperature so for ours, we bake with the seasonings I stated above for at least an hour and a half. Make sure it's fully cooked (I keep an eye on it adding some water or olive oil to prevent drying out.) It is good to get the brown rice, quinoa or gluten free pasta cooking (refer to the directions for specific cooking times). In a separate large container, warm the organic bone broth (yes, I buy this but you can always make your own if you prefer). In a separate pan on low to medium heat add all the vegetables you would like with a little olive oil , garlic and Italian seasonings. You can always add some sea salt and pepper to taste is you feel the soup needs something extra. When the veggies are warmed (to your liking) just pour them into the broth. This goes for the cooked chicken as well. After cutting into pieces, just pour into the broth. Allow this mixture to warm for sometime as this helps with the overall flavour of the soup. Time to eat. (I personally like to keep the rice/quinoa/pasta separate and add in the amount I would like in my bowl then add the soup on top.) You can grate some parmesan reggiano or shredded cheese if you choose.

Left overs are the best! There is something so satisfying about eating foods that are very nourishing. You can just feel the healing properties with every bite and it tastes so good too.

Link for the video:

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Bon Appetit!

Love, Light & Qi

Jennifer Nocito RHC HCA

Certified HolisticWellness Coach, Certified Qigong/Yoga/Pilates/Meditation Teacher,

Thentix Distributor

Yoga First and Wellness

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