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Tier 1 Membership

Welcome to your Tier 1 membership. You are ready to embark on your new health and wellness journey and we are so happy to be here with you. We want you to file this note under favorites for reference if ever needed.


*You now have access to the ever growing Library of class recordings 24/7 that can be found under the heading Membership on the website menu. Just click Library (Tier 1) and you are ready to explore and enjoy all the classes there.

{Note: If you are interested in Specialty class/workshop recordings, Live Zoom classes, Email support and/or 1-on-1 20 minute Coaching sessions, feel free to upgrade at any time to a Tier 2 or Tier 3 membership. Or, if you ever feel you would like more support and time to go deeper, I do have 1 hour 1-on-1 online coaching sessions that are available separate from the membership found under the heading Coaching on the menu bar of the website.}

Remind yourself that it takes courage to make that first step. Have patience with yourself as you begin to tune inward and cultivate that positive healing energy within. We are here to help you along the way.


Love Light & Qi,

Jennifer Nocito, RHC HCA, Certified Holistic Wellness Coach, Certified

Qigong, Yoga, Pilates, Meditation Teacher, Stress & Anxiety Specialist,

Balancing Hormone Specialist

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