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This unique topical pain relieving cream contains anti-arthritic and anti-spasmodic properties with the ability to target serious pain and penetrate deep below the skin. Thentix is formulated with only natural ingredients that have been used for centuries as pain relievers by natural healers. There are No harsh chemicals, which can be abrasive and damaging to skin over time.


What Thentix Muscle & Joint Does:


This cream provides super-fast relief of general muscle soreness, back pain and tendonitis, including immediate pain relief from arthritic conditions, bursitis, stiff joints, leg and muscle cramps. Thentix has also been found to bring relief to sufferers of carpal tunnel syndrome. As a secondary benefit, it can be used to help reduce or eliminate the need for narcotic pain relievers.


How Thentix Muscle & Joint Works:


It takes advantage of the special physiological properties of its three active ingredients MSM, Capsicum Oleoresin and Wintergreen to achieve its incredible pain-destroying effects.


MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) is a source of sulfur, a mineral element critical to the normal function and structure of the body. Sulfur is a raw material of the protein and connective tissue that make up our body mass, for enzymes that conduct countless chemical reactions, and for powerful natural compounds that protect us against toxicity and harmful oxidative stress. Sulfur also has a long history of healing. Capsicum Oleoresin is the molecular fire substance found within hot peppers. It works by blocking the neurotransmitter substance "P" production and by blocking C-Fiber or pain-fiber conduction, thereby reducing neurogenic inflammation and pain response. This ingredient works directly to decrease pain at the site of your nerves. Gaultheria Procumbens (Wintergreen) naturally occurs in Wintergreen leaves, and Sweet Birch. It is commonly used externally as an antiseptic. This all natural product is gaining popularity for its ability to deeply penetrate human skin. It is used in Thentix as a carrier to deliver the medicine to the origins of the pain. It also delivers and immediate cooling effect when first applied to skin.


Thentix Muscle and Joint is able to quickly and effectively deliver the relief right to the site of pain-causing nerve endings.


How to Use Thentix Muscle & Joint:


This specially formulated cream couldn't be easier to use. It is easily administered by gently rubbing a small amount directly onto the affected area until it is completely absorbed into the skin. Apply 3 or 4 times daily for hours of uninterrupted pain relief.


Experience "Cool-Heat" Sensation:


Within seconds you will feel the "Cool-Heat" effectively penetrating deep into the tissue of the area being treated and you know that quick relief is on the way. There is increased blood flow in the affected area, promoting fast healing and is known to contain analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. In addition to reducing pain and swelling this cream can help increase range of motion in stiff joints.


Thentix Muscle & Joint is Safe:


Thentix has been shown to be extremely safe and effective for all age groups. Consult your physician before using it on children under age 2 and pregnant or nursing mothers. Wash hands after each application. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. If contact does occur, flush thoroughly with clean water. Thentix is for external use only, do not ingest internally. If skin irritation occurs, discontinue use immediately. Like all medications, keep out of reach of children.


No Stains or Offensive Odors:


Thentix's special non-greasy formula will not stain clothes or bed sheets and will not leave unwanted residue on your skin. Thentix is absorbed completely into the skin and the mild menthol aroma dissipates quickly and is not offensive.


Approved by Health Canada and certified as a natural product.

Muscle & Joint Cream

  • Feature Ingredients

    • Gaultheria Procumbens (Wintergreen)- MSM - Capsicum Oleoresin

    Other Ingredients:

    • Menthol
    • Shea Butter
    • Aloe Vera
    • Sunflower oil
    • Honey
    • Coconut Oil
    • Eucalyptus
    • Tea Tree Oil



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