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Mindful Meditation & Breathwork

Self- Love : Heal, Relax & Rejuvenate

Enjoy this specialized healing Mindful Meditation and Breathwork practice separated in three sections to be enjoyed together or separately. Can be enjoyed seated, standing and laying down. 

1st part - Gentle Qigong Practice warming the body up allowing energy to flow with a variety of gentle movements and effortless flows. The intention is to release and let go of stress & tension ( mental, emotional and physical). Cultivate a lightness in your heart as you slow down and drop into the present moment. 

2nd part - (starts 18:51 minute) Specialized Qigong Breathwork - for Lung, Heart health (specialy good for any pulminary issues or asthma) and Breast care. This very powerful gentle technique can be practiced daily. 

3rd part - (starts 29:05 minute to the end) Self Love Guided Meditation with Intention, Visualiztion and Affirmations. This audio can be listened to for a restorative rest or as you fall into a healing sleep. Enjoy this time for you as you can relax, slow down and heal cultivating the beautiful energy of love for yourself, your environmant and those around you. You will feel a sense of calm, peace and self confidnece as you connect within. 

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