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Online gentle chair yoga classes

Classes are available for private group bookings

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Gentle chair yoga classes are currently running weekly for private groups. Interested in joining a class or signing your group up? Email What you will need for class – Comfy clothes – Sturdy chair (with no arm rests) – Water – Strap (belt or scarf) to help with stretches if needed – Cushion for your knees, head, or back – Blanket or sweater is nice to have Yoga First and Wellness’s goal is to create an environment that allows students to focus on themselves, to feel stronger mentally and physically, and to develop self-confidence. The classes are open to everyone. In the 1 hour class we will practice asanas (postures), pranayamas (breath work) and specific core exercises in a positive, energized environment free of schedules, demands, deadlines and stress. Gentle chair yoga classes combine both hatha and vinyasa yoga styles helping the body become more supple and strong, improve breath work, calm the mind and prevent disease.  A gentle fitness practice of the body and mind. This class is designed for those who are new to yoga, and those with physical limitations. The use of the chair helps create stability while you can freely move your body. It is recommended to use a sturdy chair with no arm rests. You can stay seated in the chair the whole time or work with the chair using it for balance if you choose to stand. Hatha yoga was developed in India in the 15th century. It is believed that through hatha yoga one can purify the body and make it fit for meditation. Hatha comes from two words and two forces. Ha- is the active and masculine force of the sun. Tha- is the feminine and receptive energy of the moon. They join together to purify the body. Great for beginners since the pace is slow and gentle. It is easier to learn the asanas (postures), the breathing and principles of yoga. Vinyasa yoga is derived from hatha yoga and is also referred to as Ashtanga, which means dynamic, concentrating postures. There is a flow between asanas (postures) linking movement of postures to breath. This style has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system as the flowing movement heats up and stretches the muscles of the body. It’s important that clients feel completely comfortable to talk, call or email me with any questions, comments and or suggestions they may have.

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