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Our Emotions & Our Wellbeing

Did you know that over 80% of doctor visits are related to issues from stress? More and more we are hearing about how our emotions really have a huge impact on our health both mentally and physically. This is encouraging because emotions are something WE CAN control. We are not in control of other people's emotions or circumstances that occur in our external world. We do have the power to take care of how we handle situations around us and within ourselves and in turn this affects our wellbeing.

Definition of Emotions : a complex experience of consciousness, bodily sensation, and behaviour that reflects the personal significance of a thing, an event, or a state of affairs. (

In Chinese Medicine and its first branch of fitness, Qigong, the focus is to cultivate a life of balance, the Yin and Yang. Our seasons represent continuous change that not only happens in nature. Like a wave in the ocean, or the wind in the air, the bloom of new life, the chill that comes with ice and snow, there is change is always happening inside us and around us. It is important to be aware and embrace what is always evolving so we can transition and transform with the flow. This means during the good and not so good times. Everyday is a new day full of possibilities and potential.

When our life force energy, our Qi, gets stagnant, this is when we run into trouble emotionally and physically. We can find ourselves stuck with a ruminating mindset that tends to focus on the worst, such as our past or project worry into the future. Maybe there is worry about finance, relationships, career, family, purpose, pressures that are put on oneself as to where you feel you should be. First of all, take the word SHOULD out of your vocabulary. When this awful confining negative word shows up I want you to say NO to it, throw it away and replace it with I am here now and what was done or not done in the past is the past. I am in control of making positive changes going forward. Remind yourself that you are special and unique. Let go of the notion that you need to conform to what and how you ‘should’ be because of fabricated society pressures or pressures from those around you.

Sometimes in our life, doors may feel like they have closed or relationships may have ended. Through the process, yes there may have been sadness, upset maybe even anger or grief. It is important to feel these emotions. When you allow yourself to feel these emotions, not bottle them up, then you are in the position to cleanse these emotions and let them go. Think of a garden, composting these negative emotions so that you create space for positive energy to fill you up. Now you can grow and transform as you raise your vibrations. This creates amazing healing within. This is very powerful. You then can embrace the path of creativity and possibilities to pursue and be open to what is really important in your life. That new career, a new healthy relationship, travel or a move that you have been wanting to make, a new hobby or old hobby you want to enjoy again, etc. Be patient with yourself. Look how long it took for the Universe to form and it is still growing, changing and moving constantly.

From a physical point of view, holding onto negative emotions can manifest into physical issues such as tight shoulders, anxiety, shallow breath, digestive upset, headaches, pain, etc. Healing your emotions can influence your life force energy leading to improved posture, breath and release of tension held within. Western Medicine has begun to recognize the wisdom of Chinese Medicine, connecting our psyche, our nervous system and our immune system so that the mind and health of the body influence each other. *MIND-BODY CONNECTION*

Neuropeptides, chemical messengers of the body, flow through us just like Qi flows carrying information from the brain to all aspects of the body and nervous system. There are receptor sites for the neuropeptides found all over the body, many of which are in the intestines. You have heard the saying “gut feeling”. This is a reason why you hear of people who experience anxiety usually have digestive issues that go along with this emotion. There are also receptor sites in our immune cells, so this means that our emotions, whether positive or negative, can have a direct effect on our health. As an example of this, when you hold anger in, chemicals are synthesized and flow to the liver. If not released and cleared out, then liver issues can arise. When feelings of happiness and joy are felt, our cells and even our bones (which house immune cells) are healthy and happy.

Spring , I love this time of year. As I am teaching my Spring Qigong sessions, we are focusing on rebirth, new beginnings, transformation, creativity, expansion and resiliency. I love the meaning of RESILIENCY. In simple terms, it is the combination of strength and flexibility. The Oxford languages dictionary says, ‘the capacity to withstand or to recover from difficulties; toughness and the ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape;elasticity’. How incredibly powerful. We all have this resiliency within us. Sometimes we need a little encouragement and guidance to help us first of all remember that we all do have this incredible attribute and that we may need some support to help us cultivate this for ourselves. Yes, you can look at resiliency in the physical sense, meaning having strength, physical healing and range of motion in the body. I am also referring to mentally, emotionally and spiritually having resilience. Having the confidence, the imagination, the follow through to go after what we want, to make changes in our life, to work with others in a team situation or to go out on our own and pursue goals you may be putting off. The flexibility of moving with the challenges and changes that come about and not letting this hinder dreams or the stagnation that can come from this. This is when worry, stress and negative physical manifestation can take place. It is about creating suppleness and fluidity. Think of the powerful ocean. Waves can be so very strong crashing down and eroding the rocky shore line. Yet, water of the ocean can be calm, cleansing and is fluid and flexible.

Strength + Flexibility = RESILIENCY

In Qigong, many of the moves have that fluid-like quality. Qigong is known as the art of effortless power. Your life force energy, Qi, moves through you and flows. When you practice, you learn to relax into your body/mind and the energy flows. This is an amazingly powerful way to heal yourself. You can take control of your own health. This is a beautiful method to release tension, help free your thoughts/mind, open your emotions to positive energy and heal the physical body.

I want to circle back to our emotions and our health. In Chinese Medicine, Qigong mirrors nature. The seasons are categorized into separate elements which are governed by specific organs of the body. For example, since it is Spring, let's focus on this season. Spring is associated with the WOOD ELEMENT and related to the energy of the LIVER (YIN) and the GAllbladder (YANG). Also the nervous system, the tendons, ligaments, sinews of the body and our eyes ( how we see and how we perceive ). Every season is different. There are specific acupressure points that can be focused on, certain food types to enjoy such as sour, foods to avoid sugar and spicy, certain herbs for liver and female hormone health and lifestyle activities besides Qigong such as plenty of rest and Yoga. Every organ in our body has a certain vibration and we can use specific sounds to help clear away stagnation so that we can inhale positive energy that is strengthening and healing. Now when I say clear away for each organ I mean you can use your imagination as well. For example, as you say the sound, release darkness, spots, cloudy toxins and then replace this with a specific color designated for each organ that is shiny, brilliant and healing.

Let’s focus on the Liver for this example. In Chinese Medicine, it is said that continuous tension whether it is conscious or not, will drain your Qi and is the reason for most psychological issues. There are emotions that are associated with each organ. Psychological tension and muscle tension can lead to improper function of our internal organs especially the Liver. For the Liver, if it is in a weakened state then there are negative emotions that you may feel and express such as anger, frustration, stress, jealousy, you may find you are short with people and feel out of sorts. This could contribute to your anxiety and depression. The Liver is said to control the tendons, ligaments, sinews and also control the smooth flow of Qi through your body directly affecting your nervous system. A vicious cycle can arise when the Liver Qi is stagnant and muscle tension occurs. This then keeps the liver from functioning properly and the cycle continues. That is why there are specific movements, sounds, massage stretches, meditations that all can help to soothe your nervous system. So the sound you would use is SHHH to release and let go and then inhale beautiful sparkling forest green light into your liver area which is located right under the right side of your ribcage. You can say it outloud, whisper or inside your mind and this will help cleanse and heal. As you breathe in this beautiful green sparkling light, you bring in energy of kindness, creativity, resiliency, expanding, an open sense of purpose, inner vision, abundance and manifesting all that you want. In Chinese Medicine when it is seen that there is an imbalance with our Liver energy, some of the physical issues that may present are headaches, high blood pressure, gallstones, red watery eyes, restless legs, liver issues, insomnia and more.

This is a glimpse into how our emotions can affect our health. Every organ has their unique vibrations and has emotions connected to them. In Qigong there is what is called the generating cycle and the controlling cycle of the 5 elements. As an example of the generating cycle, The Water element (season of Winter, Yin energy of the Kidneys) flows into nourishing the Wood element ( season of Spring, Yin energy of the Liver) and the Wood element flows into and calms the Fire element (season of Summer , Yin energy of the Heart). Now an example of the controlling cycle, the Metal Element (season of the Fall, Yin energy of the Lungs) will control and feed the Wood element ( the Liver) to help bring calm to the emotions associated such as anger, frustration and help to soothe the nervous system.

During the practice of Qigong even when the focus let's say is the Season of Spring, it is important to implement the other elements in your practice both from the Generating and Controlling Cycles. This cultivates the Yin Yang balance and healing within. This allows one to release those feelings of being stuck, those negative emotions so that energy can flow and circulate.

Movement is key to longevity and feeling our best. Just like the seasons, our lives are always changing along with our emotions which can influence our wellbeing. Sometimes we need some added support to help us begin, start back or have that accountability to stay on course. Having someone to listen and be a guide can be just what you need on your journey to make the lasting transformations you desire. Please feel free to reach out and connect if you have any questions and would like to learn more about and enrol in weekly and special seasonal Qigong or Yoga classes and/or make an appointment for my Holistic Wellness Coaching Services.

Love, Light & Qi

Jennifer Nocito RHC HCA

Certified HolisticWellness Coach, Certified Qigong/Yoga/Pilates/Meditation Teacher,

Thentix Distributor

YouTube Channel: Yoga First and Wellness

Yoga First and Wellness

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