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Let’s Detox and Elevate With Qigong

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

If you are brand new to this beautiful ancient practice of Chinese Medicine called Qigong, you may be wondering how will I feel and what should I expect?

Qi means life force or vital energy and Gong means accomplishment or skill. So put together Qigong means cultivating energy and is practiced as a powerful natural preventative medicine to help maintain health, healing and increase your vitality. This gentle fitness part of the health care system integrates physical postures, breathing techniques and focused intention.

Qigong elevates energy. You may think to yourself when first starting out, why am I feeling fatigued? This may or may not happen. Slight fatigue can happen initially because with practice you are increasing energy within and healing your body by detoxing, letting go of old stagnant energy and making space for new energy to flow. As you are initially building energy within, you are able to push out or what it is called in Chinese Medicine - Purging – and this can make you feel slightly headachy, a bit fatigued and your body may need some extra sleep. Detoxing in general is not necessarily fun but remember by practicing Qigong, which is fun, your body is cleansing. When you cleanse then you can tone and strengthen.

This scenario can relate to day to day life. When you have days that you have more energy you may do extra cleaning. For example, you may decide to clean out the basement, or a closet or the garage. These are things you may not normally do. With this added extra energy you will be inspired and rejuvenated to clear the clutter and spruce up your own home.

Think of Qigong as you own internal Feng Shui. You will be able to let go of what is holding you back by clearing the clutter. This results in decreasing stress, increasing stamina, improving vitality and your immune system. This practice helps to improve cardiovascular, respiratory, circulatory, lymphatic, and digestive functions. With consistency you will feel a youthful vitality maintaining your health and speeding up recovery from illness.

Qigong is very healing not only for the physical aspects but also to help calm the mind and reconnect with spirit. Even your emotions can be healed. In general people tend to hold onto toxic emotions, ones that are really are not good for you mentally and physically. With practicing, sometimes people can cry and this can be very good for you as there is much needed clearing taking place. This is wonderful to really let go and feel free so you can feel strength inside. When we let go of the old, we make space to fill up with the new positive energy.

You are creating balance within. This is the ‘Magic of Preventative Medicine’ on an energetic level. You will become more in tune to feel and sense what is happening within the body. As we tune into our organ systems for example, let us say your lungs and respiratory system, you can learn to clear and create balance within. Then you can tune up and heal with positive energy where needed creating homeostasis before any problems arise.

When your Qi has been ignited from within, you will elevate your vibration, feel energized and fueled. This is very empowering taking control of your own health. You are creating balance, harmony, stability, and joy in your life.

Qigong can be practiced anywhere either seated, standing or even laying down. Everyone can benefit regardless of age, ability, beliefs or life circumstances.

Does this sound interesting to you? Please feel free to reach out with any questions or thoughts you may have. Stay tuned as new group Zoom classes will be added in October 2022.

Love, Light & Qi

Jennifer Nocito

Certified Holistic Wellness Coach, RHC HCA, Certified Qigong/Yoga/Pilates/Meditation Teacher

Yoga First and Wellness

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