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Yoga Ujjayi Breath, Core & Stretch

Yoga Practice: Time for self. Be kind and appreciate you are here engaing together. Sometimes we need a little motivation. Listen to your body with awareness of pushing yourself to strengthen yet with not feeling pain. We begin with  specialized pranayama, Ujjayi breathwork, that is a great techniques to help voice quality, may help with agaist hypothyroidism, asthma, incresed pulse heart rate and blood pressure. Also this breathwork can help improve attention, manage anxiety and stabilze energy in the body. We move into Core Focus to cultivate strength and stability. Feel energized with Yoga flow incuding intention. Finish together with Stretch and guided healing Savasana for a much needed relaxation. Release stress and any heaviness you may be carrying within and feel vibrant healing energy. 

Love Light Namaste 

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