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Pilates Fusion Class- Feel Energized!

Pilates Fusion- A combination class for you! A Gentle Warm Up leads into a Standing Low Impact Cardio. During these 4 songs as you dance it out you will improve circulation, get your heart pumping and release stress. Also the focus is on buliding core, hips, pelvic floor, legs, chest and shoulders. Before moving back onto the mat, we will take time to stretch (vital to include after and during your workouts as this is preventative for injuries and helps to keep joints and muscles supple). We move onto the mat for a series of Pilates Exercises designed for cultivating proper body alignment and improve range of motion as well as core strength. Finish with a Cool Down and stretch then a Savasana to help slow down and reap the benefits of your practice. Feel Relaxed, Empowered and Energized for your day! 

Love, Light & Qi 

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