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Pilates Fusion: Cardio, Core, Balance

Pilates Fusion - We start with focused breath that helps to bring awareness to our core. Gentle stretches lead into a fun low impact cardio warm up. Great for releasing stress, improving circulation and heart health. Pilates Push Ups ( mat and wall demostration ) to build strenght for core, back. hips, shouders and arms. Time to Balance (can use wall or chair and strap if you prefer). Daily balance is wonderful to help tone your core, clear your mind as you feel grounded and strenghten your ankles, legs and hips. Move onto the Mat for a series of  specific Pilates exercises; Spine stretch, Saw, 100's, Leg stretch series (single, straight and double), Cork screw, Oblique exercises. We finish with a cool down with gentle stretch and breath. Feel relaxed, strong and energized for your day ahead. NOTE:  always listen to your body and do what feels good for you. Modify when needed. Thank yourself for taking this time for you!  

Love Light & Qi 

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