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Specialized Yoga

Gentle Stress Relieving Practice

Enjoy this practice for relaxation and healing. Practice this class in full or enjoy in segments when you are short for time. The focus is to help manage stress, anxiety, prevent panic attacks and calm your nervous system down. Also a segment for sinus and headache relief

* Beginning - Enjoy a specialized Relaxed Breathing technique used in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to help manage/prevent panic, anxiety attacks and reduce stress by calming the nervous system. 

* at 9 minute - Follow a healing facial massage desigend for sinus and headahce relief.

* at 22 minute - We move onto the mat for a gentle floor yoga stretch.

* at 52 minutes to the end - A guided meditation in Savasana that can lead you into a deep restorative rest or sleep. 

Love Light Namaste 

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