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Chair Exercise

Chair Pranayama, Massage & Strength

Seated Practice: Start with specialized pranayama,  Alternate Nostril Breathing. A wonderful exercise to remember when you feel you need to calm your nervous system and practice anytime you are feeling overwhelmed, overthinking or before bed for a restful restorative sleep. (Finsh breath out the Left nostril).  Lower Body Massage and Warm Up to improve circulation. Great to practice first thing in the morning or when you need an energy pick me up half way through the day. At the 30 minute mark for 15 minutes focus on Upper Body Strength practice with weights ( or without, or water bottles, or soup cans). End class with gentle Qigong flows that are wonderful for Lung and Heart health. This leads into a relaxing time to release and let go with a guided meditation. 

Love Light Namaste 

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