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Body Scan Qigong Class

Hormone Health focus and Qigong practice: 

1st Part- I  am happy to share this incredible Daily Self Care Check In  exercise I want you to implement in your life. It is vital that we tune in and listen to what is happening in our bodies regularly. It only takes a few minutes (or you can spend longer) to make a positive healing difference in your life. 

2nd Part- At around the 8 minute mark, we move into a Qigong routine standing (or you can do seated) with movemennts, warm ups, silk reeling and a 5 Element Stretch which I love as this helps to open the merridian lines allowing energy and circilation to flow. Enjoy a gentle Flow that is healing and preventative for breast health and finish with focused breathwork feeling the wonderful healing current of energy moving through us. 

Love, Light & Qi 

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