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Mon Qigong/Yoga, Wed Yoga, Thurs Qigong


What you need for class: – Computer with an internet connection – Comfy clothes – Mat – Water – Cushion for your knees, head, or back – Blanket or sweater Monday 6:30 Qigong Yoga Fusion: During this 1 hour class, we will practice specialized breath work, gentle exercises to warm up the systems, authentic postures, stretches and flows. This practice is for everyone as it can be done seated, standing or both. I always encourage you to listen to your body.This combination class will help you heal and strengthen your body, clear your mind, bring peace and tranquility into your emotions and connect becoming more in tune with yourself and those around you. If you are new to Qigong, this class can be a nice introduction to this over 4000 year old art form that we will practice in combination with the gentle practice of Yoga. Wednesday 10am Yoga: In the 1 hour class we will practice asanas (postures), pranayama (breathwork), and specific core exercises in a positive, energized environment free of schedules, demands, deadlines, and stress. This is your journey of finding balance, healing, and self-love. Classes bring something new to awaken the body and mind. Thursday 10am Qigong: Qigong, is a practice of effortless flow that is over 4000 years old. It is the original self-care, mind-body healing fitness branch of Chinese Medicine. Also known as a “Moving Meditation”, synching breath with movement.


3 classes a week, CA$72/month
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