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Wednesday Yoga, Thursday Qigong, & Friday Yoga


What you will need for class: – Computer or smartphone with an internet connection – Comfy clothes – Mat – Water – Strap (belt or scarf) to help with stretches if needed – Cushion for your knees, head, or back – Block (or cushion) to sit on and use for balance if needed – Blanket or sweater Yoga First and Wellness’s goal is to create an environment that allows students to focus on themselves, to feel stronger mentally and physically, and develop self-confidence. Wednesday & Friday 10am Yoga: In the 1 hour class we will practice asanas (postures), pranayama (breathwork), and specific core exercises in a positive, energized environment free of schedules, demands, deadlines, and stress. This is your journey of finding balance, healing, and self-love. Classes bring something new to awaken the body and mind. Thursday 10am Qigong: Qigong, is a practice of effortless flow that is over 4000 years old. It is the original self-care, mind-body healing fitness branch of Chinese Medicine. Also known as a “Moving Meditation”, synching breath with movement. ith Qi Gong, as you move, your mind, brain and ego has something to think about as you focus on breath.


3 classes a week, CA$72/month
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